Killed Until Dead

for the Amstrad CPC 464

The Game

Killed Until Dead is a Detective game where you take on the role of Hercule Homes and have to solve the murder(s).  There are five famous murder mystery writers staying at the Gargoyle hotel for a reunion and these celebrated writer plan to turn fiction in to real life.  With four Different skill levels and around seven cases for each difficulty.  As the world renowned Detective you have a variety of weapons in your arsenal to help you solve the murders from breaking into the rooms of the writers to look for clues to keeping surveillance on the various common areas of the hotel to interrogating the writers.  Your aim to gather the clues and work out who plans to kill who, where the deed will be done and what the cause of death will be.

Me and Killed Until Dead

I was about eight or nine when we got our Amstrad CPC 464, it was given to the family by an Uncle to keep my sisters and myself occupied while we was off school with chickenpox.  Along with the base unit was got lots of game and we all had our favourites from Harrier Attack to Klax and Oh Mummy.  

However one day going through the games my sister and myself found this game in a double box, it was a two cassette game and we read the box and it looked interesting so we loaded it and only 20 minutes later the game was load and it gave it ago and in less time then it took load we had failed the first mission we had tried.  This was mainly because at the ages we was, we really didn't have knowledge to play it and it was way outside our skill level but undeterred we would load it every so often and play the game as best we could trying to remember what we got right before and guessing the stuff we really didn't and in most cases could know as the game was originally released when I was just five and at that time was aim at people much older than I was when I got my hands on it.  As time moved on I got a SNES and the Amstrad went for the most part unused due to it's loading time compared to new Games with better graphics.  But we played Killed Until Dead on occasion as we got older and was determined one day we would solve the cases but eventually the Amstrad was packed away not given another thought. 

About six year ago while talking my girlfriend about our childhoods I got thinking the Amstrad and got nostalgic for the old thing and one day found it in the cellar only to find it no longer worked and even if it did I wasn't sure if I could connect it TV given that it wasn't scart compatible so I decided to just look up the old games on line and maybe see if I could buy a second hand Amstrad cheap but I found to my joy an emulator and a site with many of my old favourite games on it.  I loaded Killed Until Dead and found that now in my mid-twenties the game was dead easy (also the invention of Wikipedia was a great help)  I'll Admit as I write this now I've still not completed the game but I intend this site will document how I solved all the cases.